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      Sinc 1981

      Focus on stainless steel, special alloy pipe fittings

      • 亞仕密不銹鋼
      • 亞仕密不銹鋼

      Wenzhou YSME Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. began to set foot in the stainless steel pipe industry in 2007. The company is located in Yongqiang, Longwan District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, which is the national stainless steel pipe production base. It is 3 kilometers away from Wenzhou Airport and 6 kilometers away from Longwan 10,000-ton wharf , The railway passenger station is 20 kilometers away, the geographical position is superior, and the sea, land and air transportation is very convenient. We have been engaged in the stainless steel pipe industry for more than ten years. We are a major local stainless steel pipe manufacturer and wholesaler with large quantities of stock in stock. We are the source of goods for dealers all over the country. We mainly manufacture, process, operate...

      • Equipment

        Highly CNC machine tools and machining centers

      • Quality

        Powerful storage center, complete product range

      • Praise

        Praise for its excellent quality and low price.

      • Price

        The perfect sales team creates a cost-effective price

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